Juan Ramón Jiménez: Three Poems

No, It Is Not Possible

No, it is not possible to fit
my ideal hours into the hours
of my material day!

It is not possible to cut
the rose of fire until
we find the exact limits
imposed by the implacable clock!

For if my life lasts only
one hour, eternity can only
become my morning or afternoon!


Thought; sweet magnet
that takes us away from everything,—duty,
love, guilt,
glory, sadness, joy;—
holding us like a tree,
its top full and beautiful,
alone, standing and alien, among other trees,
hour after hour;
moon in the dark evening, large and clear,
more our homeland than the world!


All those slow walks along the pier of life,
before you embarked!
                                       —The evening falls
with an infinite peace—for I have returned to you—
as it was before,
when you were by the window
of the patio all in bloom, thinking.—
                                                             A sad desire
of gathering in my soul
the last of the whole spring
and presenting it to you in my mouth, my eyes,
makes me weep, sing, laugh at all the light.—My voice is
so good, that now even yours seems
less good in its great kindness.—
                                                         I would like
to overwhelm you with music as high as those
stars, that shine in your eyess, sweetly,
as they do in the dark sky; to fill with light
all your soul—so many winters without me—
with my love, sustained
by an inner sun of magic gold,
on this evening, blue and high, made eternal…
                                                                 And upon returning
tonight, slowly, as if towards death,
you will feel happy, immensely
satisfied with my past,
desiring only to sleep well and slowly,
under the pure light, magical and complete,
of all the stars—all your good memories…

Translated by Antonio T. de Nicolas

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