Anonymous: The Message of King Sakis & The Legend Of The Twelve Dreams He Had In One Night


I saw a gold pillar from earth to heaven.


I saw a dark towel
hanging from heaven to earth.


I saw three boiling kettles:
one of grease, one of butter, and one of water,
and grease boiled over into butter
and butter into water
but the water boiled all by itself.


I saw an old mare with a colt
and a black eagle pulling grass by its roots
and laying it down before the mare
while the colt neighs.


I saw a bitch lying on a dunghill
while the puppies were barking from her womb.


I saw many monks soaked in pitch
wailing because they can’t get out.


I saw a beautiful horse
grazing with two heads—
one in front, one in the back.


I saw precious stones, pearls, and royal wreaths
scattered over the whole kingdom,
but fire came down from heaven
and burnt everything into ashes.


I saw the rich giving workers
gold or silver or rice,
but when they came back to ask for their rewards
found that no one was left.


I saw evil-faced rocks descending
from the sky
and walking all over the earth.


I saw three virgins in a stubble field
bearing wreaths of sunlight on their heads
and sweet-smelling flowers in their hands.


I saw men with narrow eyes,
with hairs standing up and cruel fingernails,
and these were the devil’s own servants.

Translated by Charles Simic



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