Nina Cassian: Two Poems


An overcrowded territory
filled with clash of felines,
with violent epidemics—
like an assault and battery of orchestras,
deafening my present tense;
squeaking drawers
holding piles of sorrow, thin stingy files of joy…

I wish
I could exhume myself from this noise.


(in English Spargan)

I frollop you, gromanching and shaloppy intruger,
I frollop you to hulper your tellymot, to ack
Your multikunk entankler, your dimical, so phlooger,
And cloff on many flanches, on spinch, on sminch, on swack.

I frollop you, with ordle and highmischevaled orkle,
To gaver a tozander, to blisk in eftic wod
And to oblet your fipsy on every fallid gorkle
And to remolk the spilder on which molanders DOD.

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