John Hartley Williams: Snake Spaghetti

Snake Spaghetti

The forest with its tall glades of sunlight stuffed with herbs & raisins
The international language of Hungarian gangsters
A tremendous revival of interest in going round in circles
The passionate alcoholism of fish
Those who paddle up the river Cocoa in lemonade canoes
The secret whistler who is not to be notified in the case of his own death
Shadowy departures from forgotten stations
The darkness of those whose train-timetables have faded in the sun
A hasty breakfast before being snatched from yr mother
The removal of hairdressers to places of safety
The girls in the grain-dryer catalogues who dream of other girls, who are alive
The bringers of rice-pudding to the children in the fields
The sweetness of those who have been measured for lawns

The mislaid scissors
The consequences
The life

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