Anonymous: How Her Teeth Were Pulled

How Her Teeth Were Pulled

In the old time women’s cunts had teeth in them.
It was hard to be a man then
Watching your squaw squat down to dinner
Hearing the little rabbit bones crackle.
Whenever fucking was invented it died with the inventor.
If your woman said she felt like biting you didn’t take it lightly.
Maybe you just ran away to fight Numuzoho the Cannibal.

Coyote was the one who fixed things,
He fixed those toothy women!
One night he took Numuzoho’s lava pestle
To bed with a mean woman
And hammer hammer crunch crunch ayi ayi
All night long:
“Husband, I am glad” she said
And all the rest is history.
To honor him we wear our necklaces of fangs.

Translated by Jarold Ramsey

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