Hafiz: Ghazal 5

Ghazal 5

O pious of the heart, I am lost in a love, so great
O pain the hidden secrets will become open debate.
Shipwrecked we just float, O favorable wind arise,
May we one more time gaze upon that familiar trait.
Passage of time and the stars, are but what we fantasize
For compassion and kindness, it is never too late.
In the circle of wine and roses, nightingale’s song is prize
With the aroma and the wine your senses satiate.
O Thou compassionate one, life giver and the wise
One day bestow thy grace upon this mendicant’s state.
For peace of this world and the next, understand what I advise
Magnanimity the lot of friends, and with foes try to relate.

In the land of repute, our passage they will dispute
If this will not suit, don’t stay mute, and transmute dictates of fate.

When destitute and in need, let your love and passion breed
Life’s alchemy, essence and seed, unimagined wealth shall create.

If unruly with pride, with a candle’s zeal your flame will rise
Beloved turns stone to lava, and molten wax manipulate.
The Grail contains but wine, if only you realize
Then the Kingdom of the world, at your feet prostrate.
The good and wise Magi, forgivers of lives and lies
Bearer bring good news, drunkards’ wine consecrate.
With this wine stained robe, Hafiz would never disguise
O untainted pure Master, exempt us from this fate.

Translated by Shahriar Shahriari

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